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LK Performance SECUPLAY rubber mowing edge / lawn edging 100x10x3.6cm LK Performance SECUPLAY rubber mowing edge / lawn edging 100x10x3.6cm
LK Performance SECUPLAY rubber mowing edge / lawn edging 100x10x3.6cm
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SECUPLAY rubber mowing edge / lawn edging 100x10x3.6cm > Safe, child-friendly lawn edging as an alternative to hard concrete stones> Ideal for laying next to a climbing tower, sandpit, trampoline, raised bed etc.> Can be laid simply and neatly without concrete> For new garden/play areas as well as for later fitting > Available in the colours grey, green or red> Dimensions approx. 100x10x3.6cm, can be individually shortenedThe elegant Secuplay lawn edging is the ideal choice for neat gardens and play areas that can be used without having to worry about damage.SECUPLAY lawn edging was developed as the solution for a familiar problem. If a climbing tower or sandpit are placed without any edging on a lawn, most lawn mowers or robot mowers do not mow right up to the object. An edge trimmer appears to be the simplest solution here, but trimming right up to the play equipment soon damages the wood or its paint. Customary concrete lawn edging would seem to be a further simple solution. However, hardly anyone wants to put hard concrete stones around a play area in the garden where children can romp and play but sometimes also fall down.Apart from the safety-relevant benefits, Secuplay lawn edging also has further advantages. Compared to trimmers, you are not only spared the risk of damage to the play equipment, but also the work itself. In comparison to concrete, SECUPLAY lawn edging does not absorb water and therefore protects adjacent wood objects from weathering. SECUPLAY lawn edging is produced from recycled rubber that has been specially adapted for outdoor use and has been tried and tested for many years in the area of safety mats in public playgrounds.Laying SECUPLAY lawn edging is extremely simple, whether for a new lawn/play area or for later fitting. Make a trench 10 cm wide and approx. 3.6 cm deep at the appropriate place (cut back existing lawn beforehand with a knife), break up the subsoil a little, insert the SECUPLAY lawn edging and knock firmly into place with a rubber mallet. If required, the edging can be cut with a normal wood handsaw.The section of the SECUPLAY lawn edging which is in the ground is made of much coarser rubber granulate than the upper, visible part, whereby a superficial ingrowth of grass roots as well as the approx. 2.75 kg heavy weight of the rubber and especially the 3D-shaped support area likewise provide permanent stability. A significant advantage of this non-concrete edge-laying possibility is the simplicity of its removal, for as we know, children grow up very quickly. You will then be able to use your Secuplay lawn edging in a different place.SECUPLAY lawn edging can of course also be used permanently as edging for non-play areas, for example raised beds or flower beds, and thanks to its attractive form is very suitable for this. It is also possible to set SECUPLAY lawn edging in concrete or fix it with ground screws. SECUPLAY lawn edging is sufficiently flexible so that it can also be used on slopes or uneven ground in your garden.