LK Performance RDX front spoiler VARIO-X AUDI A6 4F 2008-2011 (S-Line front bumper)

€ 149.00

LK Performance RDX front spoiler VARIO-X AUDI A6 4F 2008-2011 (S-Line front bumper)

€ 149.00

Product description

RDX front spoiler VARIO-X AUDI A6 4F 2008-2011 front lip front attachment front spoiler lip


  • Innovative 3-part front spoiler
  • 3-part production.1-piece, custom-fit and ready-to-install delivery
  • Original equipment material PUR plastic
  • Quality product, Made in Germany
  • ABE and mounting kit included
  • Simple screw assembly without gluing
  • Screwing only from below in the invisible area, so
    disassembly (e.g. in winter) possible at any time and in minutes

Scope of delivery:
> Front spoiler VARIO-X
Assemblyaccessories> Installation instructions

VARIO-X Article and qualityfeatures:
The VARIO-X is an innovative qualityproductfrom RDX, Made in Germany!This shapely front spoiler is made of high quality
PUR plastic (polyurethane).This material is also used in original equipment and is extremelyunbreakable.The VARIO-X is delivered unpainted in black and has a neatly processed, paint-friendly surface.

The VARIO-X is made up of a middle part and a side part each, i.e. 3 parts.Thedeliveryis in one piece and thereforeready to grow.The 3-part production makes it easy to implement individual paintwork, among other things.The VARIO-X can be screwed apart in a few seconds.For example, the sides of the VARIO-X can be painted in body color and the middle part in contrasting color.

Theinstallation ofthe VARIO-X front spoiler is extremelysimpleand, thanks to its absolutely precise fit, can be done at any time, even without previous knowledge.The VARIO-X front spoiler is simply attached to the existing bumper from below using the attached mounting kit
screwed.Accordingly, it can be easily dismantled again at will, for example in winter, since the screws are only screwed on from below, i.e. in the non-visible area.

The design of the bumper itself remains unchanged.The VARIO-X also gives the bumper and the entire vehicle a sporty, dynamic and deeper look.

The VARIO-X isTÜV-tested, approved and registration-free.AnABEis included.

The overall height of the VARIO-X front spoiler is 4 cm.When mounting, spacer sleeves can be placed between the VARIO-X and the bumper,
thus regulating the depth *.Different spacers are included.
* A change in depth after registration requires an update of the registration.

ABS Plastic with Gloss Black / Carbon Finish:

Our Gloss Black finish is applied to ABS Plastic parts, during the vacuum forming process. Once the process is completed, the finish becomes an integral part of the moulding. Products finished in this way can be used in much the same way as ABS Plastic products. The advantage with a factory Carbon or Gloss Black finish, is that they are ready to use as they are, so saving on expensive body shop costs. Carbon or Gloss Black finish products can also be part painted as you wish.

About Our Body Kits

LK Auto Factors working alongside RDX Race Design in Germany is an international manufacturer in the tuning industry and continues to expand its global sales network every year. To a great extent, RDX owes this development to the great dedication of its employees, its business partners around the world and ultimately you as a customer for your trust.

The research, development and design of new products, the model construction, the tool production and finally the series production of the ABS parts takes place within the RDX factory in Germany. 

The design team consists of the sales team that brings in ideas and workshop team that assesses the practicality

RDX Race Design source the highest quality raw materials for their range of styling products. Modelling and tooling is carried out by experienced specialists from the RDX workshop. 

In addition, all production moulds for the thermo-forming process and milling tools are made in house by RDX.

*  Please do ask one of the team at LK Auto Factors if you have any doubts as to which styling part will fit your vehicle.  Due to cross over years in car manufacturing by providing us with your vehicle registration we will be sure to advise you.

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