PM US 131 Piece Thread Repair Set

€ 49.99

PM US 131 Piece Thread Repair Set

€ 49.99
Product description

It’s just a fact of life, unfortunately. Sometimes we’re working away and we need to screw something back together only to realise we’ve completely destroyed the threads. So we wen’t out to find a solution.

This is a complete thread repair set. Just drill out the existing hole with the included bit, Fit the thread and break the attachment. It couldn’t be more simple. Perfect for getting the job done quickly so you can get back to work.

Coming in 5 common sizes you’ll never be stuck again. This coupled with the convenient metal carry case makes it a kit that’s made to last.

Dimensions and Specifications

Drill Bit Tap Thread QTY
5.2mm 5mm x 0.8mm 5mm x 0.8mm 25
6.3mm 6mm x 1mm 6mm x 1mm 25
8.3mm 8mm x 1.25mm 8mm x 1.25mm 25
10.5mm 10mm x 1.5mm 10mm x 1.5mm 25
12.5mm 12mm x 1.75mm 12mm x 1.75mm 10