5m Long iCarCover in Grey Colour Indoor/Outdoor inflatable Car Capsule With Integrated Fan

€ 700.00 € 900.00 -23% OFF

5m Long iCarCover in Grey Colour Indoor/Outdoor inflatable Car Capsule With Integrated Fan

€ 700.00 € 900.00 -23% OFF
Product description
  • iCarCover Patented Technology Outdoor or Indoor Car Cover
  • Grey Colour
  • 5 Metres Long x 2 Meters Wide x 2 Meters High
  • Integrated Airflow ventilation system
  • Custom Manufactured in the EU
  • Special tarpaulin zipper to a quick and easy access

This iCarCover is the 5m Long Model

This Unique Indoor or Outdoor inflatable iCarCover (patented technology by LK Auto factors in Letterkenny) is the ultimate Vehicle storage system ever invented. With its unique active airflow process and other advanced features, it sets a new standard in car and bike care. The system consists of an air treatment blower unit which operates continuously to provide super-atmospheric circulating airflow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our unit is designed to protect the vehicle from condensation by protecting from dew point saturation. Importantly, the circulating air is taken from inside the storage unit itself, and effectively isolates the flow of air from the humid outside environment. The blower is very economical and has a low consumption of electricity. Inside of the mini environment created by the our inflatable car cover the air temperature is kept stable, in fact the air temperature remains close the that of the stored vehicle. This means the vehicle is protected from warm saturated air condensing onto the vehicle. If the setup procedure is followed and the environment remains undisturbed the vehicle remains protected. 

Saturation from condensation is the real enemy of any infrequently used vehicle, low temperatures even with a relatively high Relative Hymidity (RH) reading will keep your vehicle dry inside the iCarCover. 

It is very simple to use, all you need to do is cover the ground with the base mat provided, park your car on the mat, place the top cover over the vehicle and fasten it to the base using the special zipper. Plug in the power supply and five minutes later your vehicle is stored in its own protected environment. Works both indoor and Outdoors. 

Size 5m *2m * 2m 

Please Be aware that each unit is made to order and takes approximately 10 days for complete manufacture.

Used Units Cannot Be Returned